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Since 1989, our office has specialized in the aggressive, personal and compassionate handling of our clients' personal injury matters. While the vast majority of these cases settle outside of court, many require litigation, and even trial. Mr. O'Brien has compiled a track record of success and excellence in the handling of matters both inside and outside of court. Because of his personal handling of all client matters, and his previous experience as publisher of books and magazines on Personal Injury law and Case Valuation, he is able to maximize the compensation to which his clients are entitled.

Personal Injury Law

While the majority of cases handled by our office involve an accident of some sort, such as WRONGFUL DEATH, AUTOMOBILE, TRIP AND FALL, BICYCLES, PEDESTRIANS, and other such accidents, Mr. O'Brien has also successfully prosecuted matters including: MEDICAL MALPRACTICE including failure to diagnose, failure to treat, negligent treatment, and lack of informed consent; DENTAL MALPRACTICE for wrongful extractions, jaw fractures and orthodontics; FIRES including a well known case involving tragic death to tenants from failure to equip a rental with smoke detectors; FLOODING and water damage, including a notorious case against a local municipality on behalf of twenty plus homeowners whose homes were badly damaged from a drainage canal blocked by debris.


Case Evaluation

IN ADDITION Mike has successfully DEFENDED persons and companies who have been sued when their liability insurance had either lapsed or been insufficient to cover the losses claimed by the suing party. Mr. O'Brien also serves as MEDIATOR and ARBITRATOR on a variety of civil matters both for private parties and on behalf of the County Court programs.